welcome friends

*~Under construction! I started working on this site in late spring 2023 and I hope it will be mostly up and functioning (if not very beautiful) by the end of summer 2023. At least enough so that I can remove this little disclaimer. -elessar, 13.06.2023~*

I have always loved making fansites, usually about Pokémon, which is why I'm working on that fansite first. I hope to continue adding pages as time goes on.

Here is an overview of the most recent site updates and what I'm working on next. On the right is where I will put my webfriends and webrings if I ever make friends or complete this site enough to be able to join a webring... and above that is the site navigation.

where do I start?

First of all, hi! Right now the most complete part of my website is Cerulean Cape , which is my Pokémon fansite. Pokémon is my favorite game franchise so I naturally spend the biggest chunk of my time working on that. Check back for more info as other parts of my site are set up.


The about page is about me, elessar, in case you are interested. There you will also find pictures of my baby cat, Ashara.

The sitemap is a placeholder but will function as the heart of the site from which you can find fansites that might interest you. At each shrine, you will be able to find resources depending on what it is (information, fanfiction, game walkthroughs, links to fansites, pixel art, etc).

My weblog, or journal, is mostly just a changelog but I do sometimes write up personal posts, usually web related but sometimes just about life. You can find specialized blogs there, too (for now just a video game one).

If you would like to sign the guestbook, post in the chatroom, or generally get in touch, check out the social page.

The links and resources page is a quick stop for links to recommended sites, mostly other personal or fan shrines. I will link to HTML guides and listed all the credit for anything on this site that I found elsewhere. This is also where my pixel art will be catalogued so you don't have to look at every page on my site to find treats.