I have been active and social on the internet since 2001 and have gone through as usernames as I have phases. The oldest name I can remember using online is Mittens, a nickname (long story) that I went by in the 90s. Most recently on a social app, I went by Yossarian, another favorite character from a favorite book. I think that I'm going to settle on 'elessar' for this site (even though I have only used Elessar once before and not for very long. I'm an Elfstone girl, what can I say?)


I'm elessar! I was born in the early 90s in greater NYC, and mostly grew up around there. I've been online for a long time and have had many personal websites devoted to my interests. I used to write a lot of fanfiction, but not much is still online (as these little fansites disappeared over time). The things I was most obsessed with as a child were Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, Cowboy Bebop, and Sailor Moon- most of my early geocities, expages, other free sites, and xanga entries were devoted to these interests. As I got older, this shifted more to Harry Potter and Neopets. In the late 00s, when I started using social media more (Myspace, but especially when I moved to FB), I stopped creating personal sites and spending time of the personal sites of others.

My favorite things to read about were The Lord of the Rings (I didn't read the Silmarillion and other works by Tolkien until my late teens, so I relied on the fansites of others to learn about the First and Second Ages), anime and manga that I had read/wanted to read, and personal fanfiction and gaming websites.

I've made this site to recapture my love of these old passions and to have the opportunity to interact with people with similar interests, learn about new stuff, and make friends. As noted above (and on so many pages), this site is under construction and this will look very different one day, but I think for now this is a good bit of text to have on my about page to help me design the layout of my site and give you all an idea of what you will be able to find here. Hope you'll return soon (: