Welcome to my changelog, blog, or journal, or all of the above. I wanted somewhere to keep a record of my notices found in the 'update' box on the main page, as well as make diary-like personal updates. You can just scroll the page or use the secondary navigation to jump to a particular month.

august 2023


Site Update:

july 2023


Site Update: First of all, happy belated birthday to Laura Palmer... random update today: cleaned up a few main pages (home, about) and did some behind the scenes work on content (typing up fanfiction, researching sites, formatting future pages). Also made a bunch of picrews, which I consider to be hard and necessary work.


Site Update: Another busy week at work, but finally I feel like I have made some good progress on the website! I've added more (including a page on a no-onger-available pkmn fansite) to Cerulean Cape. Not sure what is next but possibly another site archive (if I can find it...). I've also added some pictures of my cat accessible from my about page. Still working on the resources and links page- hoping that will be up next.


Site Update: Well, the sitemap is finally up but doesn't appear to actually work? I think I need to clear my cache... Obviously been busy with work so it's been difficult to make any updates. Also, TotK is so distracting, especially since my husband is finally home and we can play together every day. I feel like enough of the infrastructure of the site exists and there are enough placeholders for everything else that I can focus on my first project: pkmn archives. There are a few old sites I have in mind- I'm just gonna showcase some pictures and links, and as many sprites and images as I can rescue from the wayback machine. If you have a favorite old pkmn site, let me know and I'll make a pages for it here.

june 2023


Site Update: Busy with a hearing so just a few little tweaks I was able to make during my free time. Earlier this week, I added a counter and a link back to my neocities profile on the home page. Cleaned up the very messy css situation as well as some links on the home, about, blog, and sitemap (yes, the sitemap has finally been added!). Finally sorted out the font situation... not sure why that was so hard? Anyway they've given me a day off even though technically I'm still a day off having worked the maximum number of consecutive days. I'll take it, though.

As you can see this has been more of a clean-up week than actually making progress, but it is important that I keep my pages and code as organized as possible now or it's going to be really annoying in the future. I have got a better idea of what to add next though, and have updated the 'coming soon' section below if you are interested.


Site Update: I've sort of been using the building of this website as a way to unwind in the evening after working 12+ hours... the video game weblog is finalized. Added the sub-sitemap for video games, though I still haven't made the (temporary) sitemap that links to it.


Site Update: Fixed up the index (added a website welcome message, fixed up the navigation, actually updated the 'coming soon' section with more specific information, and added buttons). Cleaned up the journal page again (added a video game log), making it the first page that is finalized until I design some nice art for it and make it more my own, but that's a lower priority than developing actual content for the site.


Site Update:Did a lot of clicking around and followed some new sites. Here, I cleaned up the journal page as well as this one a little. I think the next step will be a little tricky (implementing the main sitemap!!) but I hope to get it done by this weekend.


I meant to write this during my last update, but I didn't really have my thoughts in order yet. Well, this is my first personal entry in this journal (oh don't worry, I'll log today's site update, too). I went to see Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, at the O2 Arena last Wednesday. I went alone (Mr Elessar is away on business) and I chatted a bit with the guy seated next to me named Krishna. He was there with his dad (jolly-looking middle aged man who was singing along just as loudly as his son), who had brought Krishna to his first concert ever in 2008 at the O2, also to see Roger Waters. We started talking when I shouted for Mr Waters to play something from my favorite PF album, Meddle. He didn't play anything from Meddle, but he did play the first song I ever recorded on my phone to use as a ringtone: Have a Cigar from the album Wish You Were Here. But anyway, that's really what I wanted to talk about. Wish You Were Here. It's a very famous song, of course; many would recognize it even if they weren't very familiar with Pink Floyd. But hearing Roger Waters explain about how he and Syd Barrett had been friends as young teens, going by train into London to catch a show, taking a late ride home, talking about their hopes and dreams for the future. It was a little too familiar. The long NJ transit trip into Manhattan, to see a film or a play, or just to get a tea or coffee and walk the entire length of the island. The late night train back, our parents wondering where we were, dreaming of our grown-up lives together... it was not really so long ago, but if feels like it has been one hundred years. I always found Wish You Were Hear sad: I have loved and lost or simply lost touch with so many wonderful friends over the course of my life, especially with all the moving I did. But there is something about mourning a person who is not actually dead. When there is someone in her head, but it's not her. Now knowing that Roger and Syd had those moments- well, we didn't dream of being rock stars, but it wasn't too far off- and listening to the song thinking of losing a friend who hasn't died, but isn't the same person anymore... I can give myself psychic damamge just by listening to that song now. Ah, well. Love your friends, cherish your friends. Take silly photos with them. Ride the train and make plans. I hope they come true.


Site Update: After stupidly submitting a second support ticket before checking my site.... I'm back on neocities!! I'm so glad (: For now I will still be doing a lot of editing and playing around with making this look pretty and design the sitemap, but I will make some time to be social, too!


Site Update: Added a lot of pages (not all visible yet). I guess the main thing is that I moved to a new host becuse neocities nuked my account. While I'm waiting for them to -hopefully- reinstate my account, I'm out here (posted from 000webhost site).


Site Update: Moved some things around on the page and filled in some of the outline of future pages/projects (: