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About the website

Raichu's Webpage first appeared online sometime in 2002, and soon became more that just a spot for Raichu to showcase their fanfiction. The following screencaps are taken from the Wayback Machine. You can click around what has been preserved of the site by visiting here.

the homepage

There are sections for basically anything a pkmn fan could want, including an easy to follow how-to of the only method for catching Mew in the gen 1 games (which I spent an afternoon testing out with my cousin). Sadly one of the things that appears to have been lost is the music section. There was sheet music for songs from the games and show, as well as pieces composed by the webmaster.


A major part of this site was the great fanfiction written by the webmaster as well as good recommendations, as seen in this screencap.

links to fanfics

Works by Raichu (complete with cute little sprites!).

Raichu's fanfics

Some of my favorite fanfiction of all time was found through Raichu's Webpage, and will be linked to at Mr Fuji's House (including Melting and The Distance From Yesterday).

I don't know when Raichu stopping writing and updating their fanfiction, but their works can still be read at The Pokemon Tower and Fanfiction.net.


The webpage also displayed the art of the webmaster as well as other artists. There had been a way to submit both fan art and stories to the site, and Raichu did feature the work of many other creators of all ages (as many fansites of the day, it was a welcoming space for all enthusiastic fans, including those just starting to make art).

Other Images

I never noticed any credit given to the sprites so I believe that Raichu made them, but I cannot confirm this. Here are a few cuties:

bulbasaurour fiery friendclefairypikachu

Here are the updates logged by Raichu- the site was at its peak in the mid 00s.


And here is Raichu's old button to link back to the site:
88x31 button